Some people may not realize there are a lot of Linux commands that work within PowerShell. I thought I would list some of them for people to try. In the future I will do a write up on each one individually. For now, let's just get familiar with them.

  • cat - Lists contents of files to the terminal window.
  • cd - Change directory
  • clear - Clear the terminal window.
  • cp - Copy file
  • curl - Retrieves information and files from URLs or internet addresses.
  • date - Shows current date
  • diff - Compares two text files and shows differences between them.
  • echo - Prints a string of text in the terminal window.
  • exit - Exit your current shell.
  • finger - Shows information on user.
  • find - Search for files.
  • history - Brief list of the last few commands you have used.
  • kill - Kill a running process.
  • ls - List the files and folders in the current directory.
  • man - Show man pages.
  • mkdir - Create a directory
  • mv - Move a file or directory.
  • ping - Tool to help verify network connectivity.
  • ps - List running processes.
  • pwd - Prints current working directory to the terminal.
  • rm - Remove a file.
  • rmdir - Remove a directory.
  • ssh - Connect to a remote computer.
  • tar - Create archives.
  • wget - Downloads files served with HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP over a network.
  • whoami - Find out who you are logged in as.

Please play around with these in your terminal. Let me know if there are any I may have missed and I can add them.

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