Where to start? I have been learning to code for the past year on and off. As they say life gets in the way. My main education comes from the wonderful folks at # VetsWhoCode. The focus being front-end development with Javascript. And I thank them so much. The reason for their choice is getting Veterans into the market as fast as possible with real world in demand skills. And it works.

My dilemma is the lack of love for JavaScript. It never has interested me, but I do see the value. And by no means am I going to veer from becoming a Javascript Ninja. But I do find myself more interested in Rust and Python.

So, my question is, what do you all do about learning what you must and what you want? I am thinking I will give myself one day per week to dedicate to my other interests. I am curious to how others tackle this dilemma. I am sure I am not the only one focusing on something they aren't quite excited about. I also know when learning two different languages can slow progress or create confusion.

What do you all do?

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